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M10 coach screws have a thread diameter of 10mm and are the M10 variation of DIN 571. The M number is the diameter of the thread, not the size of the hexagon head. The hex drive socket size to be used with an M10 coach screw is 17mm.

10mm Coach Screws DIN 571

M10 coach screws are also known as M10 lag screws or M10 lag bolts. They feature a hexagon head designed to be used with a spanner, socket driver, or occasionally pliers. Drilling a pilot hole for coach screws is recommended.

The thread bites into the material to keep it secure, and the hex head stops the thread from going too deep while applying compression. At Fixabolt, we supply M10 coach screws in A2 stainless steel and zinc-plated steel at great prices for DIYers and tradespeople.

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