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M12 coach screws have a thread diameter of 12mm, a DIN number of 571, and are commonly used for fastening metal to wood or two or more pieces of timber. They are also known as M12 lag screws or M12 lag bolts.

M12 stainless steel coach screws have a large hex head diameter of 19mm which makes them easy to grip and remove. The threads on M12 coach screws are coarser than those on M8 screws, making them less likely to strip. 

M12 Stainless Steel Coach Screws 12mm DIN 571

M12 stainless steel coach screws are sometimes called lag bolts or lag screws because they were commonly used to attach lag brackets to wood. They are also used to fasten metal to wood, in applications where a high level of torque is required, such as attaching deck boards to a joist, and sometimes in masonry projects. They feature a self-tapping thread, but it is recommended to drill a pilot hole first for maximum stability.

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