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Spring washers, conforming to DIN 127B specification, are mechanical fasteners renowned for their practicality and efficiency. These split washers are designed to exert a spring-like force and maintain tension in fastened assemblies. Spring washers serve a role in preventing the loosening of fasteners due to vibrations or dynamic forces.

Benefits of Spring Washers DIN 127B:

Vibration Resistance: Spring washers are crucial in applications where vibrations can cause conventional fasteners to come loose. They ensure a secure connection in machinery and structures exposed to movement.

Tension Maintenance: By exerting a continuous force, these washers counteract the tendency of fasteners to unwind over time, maintaining the required tension.

Broad Application: They are versatile components used in a wide array of industries, from automotive and construction to manufacturing, for dependable and reliable connections.

Stainless Steel Spring Washers

Stainless steel spring washers DIN 127B are perfect for maintaining the integrity of fastened components, enhancing stability, and preventing unintentional loosening due to external factors.

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