Collection: M14 Set Screws (Full Threaded Bolts)

For high-strength fastening with a professional finish, M14 fully threaded bolts do the job. Our DIN 933 M14 hex sets in A2 stainless steel and bright zinc plated (BZP) steel are ideal for a range of applications, including construction, repairs, and maintenance. M14 hex sets have a thread diameter of 14mm and a head diameter of 22mm. The thread pitch is 2mm.

14mm Hex Set Screws (Fully Threaded Bolts)

The large hexagon head provides extra grip for easy tightening with a spanner or a socket driver, while the fully threaded design ensures a secure connection. The difference between a hex set bolt and a standard hex bolt is that hex bolts tend to have a shaft, whereas a hex set bolts do not. Choose from a range of lengths to suit your needs and get the job done right with Fixabolt.

M14 Stainless Steel Bolts

We have a range of 14mm full thread bolts available in A2 stainless steel. A2 stainless steel is perfect for outdoor applications exposed to the elements as they will not be prone to rusting. 

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