Collection: M12 Coach Bolts

M12 coach bolts are the largest diameter coach bolt we sell and the largest that is generally required for this type of bolt. They have a domed head, which provides a clean finish to the wood or metal, and a thread diameter of 12 millimetres.

To fasten them, they need to be used with a 12mm. You can find these on our website.

M12 Stainless Steel Coach Bolts 12mm

At Fixabolt, we supply a complete range of coach bolts (also known as carriage bolts) in A2 stainless steel and stronger, although less corrosion-resistant bright zinc-plated steel. Due to the diameter of the bolts, they are generally not used in heavy-duty applications, so many people choose the stainless steel option which prioritises rust resistance over strength.

Please Note: Coach bolts may come fully threaded or partially threaded depending on source of manufacture.

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