Collection: M16 Coach Bolts

M16 coach bolts (DIN 603) are a great option for heavy-duty applications that require a secure and durable fastening. Also known as cup square carriage bolts, this size of metric bolts has a thread diameter of 16 millimeters.

16mm Coach Bolt Dimensions

M16 coach bolts have a DIN number of 603 and feature a domed head that not only ensures a clean and finished appearance when fastened to wood or metal, but also provides structural integrity. The domed head serves as a protective and decorative feature, preventing accidental catching while avoiding ugly bolt head protrusion. 

M16 Stainless Steel Coach Bolts Durability

At Fixabolt we proudly offer a range of M16 coach bolts from 80mm long in stainless steel. Stainless steel M16 coach bolts are particularly popular due to their resistance to rust and corrosion and wide diameter, making them ideal for heavy-duty outdoor applications or environments exposed to moisture.

Longer sizes may have a shank for extra strength. Please contact us via our chat if this could be an issue. 

Choose M16 coach bolts for your next project for robust construction, reliable fastening and A2 corrosion resistance. 

Please Note: Coach bolts may come fully threaded or partially threaded depending on source of manufacture.

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