Collection: Square Plate Washers DIN 436

Square plate washers, also known as simply square washers, adhering to the DIN 436 specification, are mechanical components known for their robustness and reliability.

These washers are square-shaped with a central hole, providing a large bearing surface that evenly distributes load and prevents damage to fastened materials. Square plate washers are ideal for use in heavy-duty applications where enhanced support and stability are paramount.

Benefits of Square Plate Washers DIN 436:

Load Distribution: The large surface area of square plate washers ensures that the load is spread evenly across the material, reducing the risk of deformation and damage to the surfaces being fastened.

Enhanced Stability: Square washers offer greater stability compared to traditional round washers, making them suitable for applications that require additional support.

Versatile Use: Square washers are widely used across various industries, including construction and infrastructure projects, where reliable and secure fastening is critical.

Stainless Steel Square Washers

Stainless steel square washers DIN 436 provide exceptional corrosion resistance, making them perfect for outdoor and high-moisture environments. Their strength and longevity ensures the integrity of fastened assemblies under heavy loads.

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