Collection: Nyloc Nuts

Nyloc nuts are also called nylon insert self-locking nuts, and feature a nylon collar inside the nut. The friction created when tightening a nyloc nut helps prevent the bolt and nut loosening. As a secondary benefit, it can also provide a seal against moisture travelling up the bolt thread.

The ‘P’ type nyloc nut refers to the depth of the nut, but can also be called full or standard nyloc nuts. They are hexagonal in shape, and we supply them in A2 stainless steel to aid against rusting, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Can Nyloc Nuts Be Re-Used?

They can, but it is not advisable as the nylon collar moulds itself to the bolt thread as it is tightened. Re-using a Nyloc nut will cause the tightness to deteriorate over time.

How To Use a Nyloc Nut

One of the most asked questions about Nyloc nuts is which way up should they go? The nylon collar should go furthest away from the collar of the bolt. This way the bolt will tighten itself first before creating a tight seal against the nylon.

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