Collection: M8 Coach Screws

Our M8 coach screw, also known as M8 hex screws, come in various sizes - dimensions shown - and are stainless steel, perfect for exterior and interior fastening. M8 coach screws (DIN 571) have an 8mm thread diameter and a hex head. They feature a self-tapping thread, although a pilot hole is always recommended for maximum grip. The hex drive socket size to be used with an M8 coach screw is 13mm. M8 is the most popular size coach screw as it is commonly used by DIYers as well as professionals.

8mm Coach Screws

Also known as an M8 lag screw or an M8 lag bolt, these screws have a diverse range of uses. They are commonly used with timber and metal but can also be found connecting heavy timber or even in masonry projects.

M8 Coach Screw Dimensions

M8 coach screws have an 8mm thread diameter with a thread pitch of 3mm. The M8 coach screw head size is fastened using a 13mm socket/spanner.

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