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M8 coach bolts have a thread diameter of 8 millimetres and are commonly used in woodworking projects or when connecting timber to metal.

M8 Coach Bolts or Carriage Bolts?

Coach bolts may also be known as carriage bolts, dome head bolts, mushroom head bolts, or flat head bolts. They are ideal for use in the construction industry, for decking, and joist construction.

The square neck underneath the head acts as a compression locking device to prevent the bolt head turning during tightening of the nut. The domed head acts as partly a type of security device, because it only allows the bolt to be loosened from one side, and also as a decorative feature. When used on any outward facing area the smooth domed head prevents people catching themselves on the bolt head.

Stainless Steel Coach Bolts M8

We pride ourself on supplying stainless steel coach bolts M8 / cup square carriage bolts M8 at highly competitive prices. If you can't find the length you are looking for, contact our team on our live chat for a quote for your desired size.

Please Note: Coach bolts may come fully threaded or partially threaded depending on source of manufacture.

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