Collection: M24 Hex Bolts (Part Threaded)

Meticulously engineered to exceed the demands of professional applications, these M24 hex bolts assert themselves as the ultimate choice for strength and ease of use. Featuring thread diameter of 24mm and a head diameter of 36mm, these hexagon bolts provide ample performance across a vast spectrum of applications.

24mm Hexagon Bolts DIN 931

Manufactured to DIN 931 specification, our 24mm hex bolts feature a threaded section which integrates with an M24 nut. These bolts offer a secure and robust connection. The shank construction enhances load-bearing capacity, ensuring stability under heavy loads.

A2 Stainless Steel M24 Hex Bolts

Crafted with precision from A2 stainless steel, our M24 hex bolts boast exceptional resistance to corrosion. This renders them a great choice for outdoor projects and applications exposed to moisture, ensuring durability for years to come.

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